Focus EKA

A selection of nine ironic, funny and suitable for all ages short films, chosen from the prolific archive of the Estonian Academy of Arts – Animation Department where, since 2007, entire generations of animators from all over the world have been learning the art of animation under the aegis of the award-winning master Priit Pärn.

About EKA

Established in 1914, the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) is the only public university in Estonia providing higher education in fine arts, design, architecture, media, visual studies, art culture, and conservation.
The Department of Animation was established in 2006, and since 2007 it has offered a two-year MA in Animation curricula. The main goal of the programme is to educate creators of animated films. The further aim is to contribute to the global development of animation as an art form.
As our master students come from very different parts of the world and have different educational backgrounds we try to encourage their individual approach to filmmaking. The films vary from narrative to more experimental. Most of the works are executed in traditional 2D or stop motion techniques. Recently we have started to offer more thorough CGI courses. 
EKA students’ animations have won more than 135 awards at international animation and short film festivals.

*Mari Kivi
Project Manager – EKA Department of Animation

Axis Deer

The story of three men, a deer and a butterfly.

A table game

With every passing second, “A Table Game” reveals the rules of its world. Step by step – but not fully. What is the titular game? Who cheers for it? Why is this happening? These questions will lack clear answers.

Cat’s Eye

A cat’s happy childhood unexpectedly ends when she falls into a river and this eye-opening experience leaves a permanent mark.


Beware of pearfall! It happens suddenly, so it is needed to be prepared. This film is a detailed instruction how to behave in such cases.

Sounds Good

Boom operator is trying to record the sound of mushrooms.


In an Art Muzeum, we learn, from outer to inner, from its shallow to its deepest, seriously and sincerely.

Hound Out

An office-working dog loses his job due to anger problems. To get his life back on track, he must entrust his problems into the uncapable hands of an oddball life coach, whose unorthodox methods don’t do much to put a handle on the dog’s seething rage.

A chronic circus

A bored cow tries to find some means of self-expression. Some visiting clowns offer a tempting glimpse of chaos.

Clown Follies

Everyone wants to see the clown. But what’s taking him so long?