Movie Official competition 3

Lazare fait bien les choses

Director: Thomas Appleman • Country: France • Production year: 2020 • Duration: 5’38” • Language (subtitles): French (Italian) • Production: Atelier de Sèvres • Distribution: Miyu Distribution • Age rating: 8+

Lazare Roubichet is an awkward soccer player. To tell the truth, he doesn’t know how to play at all. He’s playing for the PAF, a mediocre club. It’s the championship’s final. Lazare is called to start at the beginning of the second half. What nobody knows at that moment is that Lazare will be a game-changer.

Thomas is a French-American animation director graduated at Animation School “Atelier de Sévres”. He co-directed the short film “Le 12 coups du midi” together with Camille Sallan, Ambre Decruyenaere, Cécile Despretz, Luc Armanet and Lucie Andouche.