Movie Official competition 5


Director: Isaac King  • Country: Canada • Production year: 2020 • Duration: 11’11” • Language (subtitles): no dialogue (some English words)  • Production: Isaac King; Ontario Arts Council; Canada Arts Council • Distribution: Isaac King • Age rating: 11+

Screen addiction. Species at risk. Whatever! A dead tree goes viral, attracting wildlife, a nature lover and a crowd of online followers. Animated entirely outside, “WhateverTree” examines our connection to nature in the age of social media, screens, and selfies.

Isaac King is an award-winning animation filmmaker and artist from Canada. Directing commercials and short films for 20 years, his work spans drawing, stop-motion, cutout and outdoor animation techniques. Using handcrafted and digital media, he focusses on environmental and social issues with humour and warmth. His films have screened worldwide, winning numerous awards including the Annecy Audience Prize.