Movie Official Competition 1


Director: Cloé Besnard • Country: France • Production year: 2020 • Duration: 2’33” • Language (subtitles): no dialogue • Production: École Estienne Paris  • Distribution: Miyu Distribution • Age rating: all ages

Tropical heat in the forest on Zinzinie is stifling. A fly can hardly breathe. She’s seeking for a place where she could rest and escape the unbearable temperatures. The jungle where she lives is full of all sort of exotic plants, making it looks like heaven. Unfortunately, she is in danger in this environment, her being the bait of these plants. When she finally succeeds in landing on a plant, BAM, she is crushed by a hand.

Cloé  was able to perform “Zinzin” during her studies at the Estienne school of Paris. She likes the grotesque and cartoonish aspect of animation. She finds great pleasure in drawing atmospheres, sets and characters.