Extravagant, colorful and prankster animals  are the protagonists of this programme  suitable for all ages. A way to smile and learn even from the most paradoxical situations!


This short movie shows with an anthropomorphized form final match of the Jumping Championship. It follows the individual candidates until the finale itself, when the unexpected twist happen.

The sled

A curious little fox finds a sled. He sets out to find the highest mountain, but how high will he go?

The Little Bird and the Caterpillar

It is summertime. High above in a maple tree the little Bird cherishes and nurtures the green leaves of his home. Suddenly a hungry caterpillar sets out to eat the appetizing leaves. The little Bird manages to lure away the glutton and an adventurous journey begins.

The Kindergarten Show

In a theatre, an owl schoolmaster tries to present the year-end kindergarten show. Unfortunately for him, the evening does not go as planned, because one unforeseen event after another occurs…

Les Zozolympiades

Olympics games are organised in the middle of the jungle. Each team is composed by three animals. The lion and the tiger are annoyed, they have a new partner for their team : it is the sloth. Now teaming up with the slowest of the animals, winning the cup seems quite impossible for the two felines.