Animals Movie

The Little Bird and the Caterpillar

Director: Lena von Döhren • Country: Switzerland • Production year: 2017 • Duration: 4’ • Production: Schattenkabinett Gmbh • Distribution: Lena von Döhren • Age rating: all ages • Program: Animals

It is summertime. High above in a maple tree the little Bird cherishes and nurtures the green leaves of his home. Suddenly a hungry caterpillar sets out to eat the appetizing leaves. The little Bird manages to lure away the glutton and an adventurous journey begins. In the forest, the fire-red fox is already awaiting the two. A lake with its perils must also be crossed. Eventually the caterpillar pupates. The little bird starts alone on the long way home. When the fox continues his chase the caterpillar appears to have been miraculously transformed to help the little Bird.