Official competition 1


Tropical heat in the forest on Zinzinie is stifling. A fly can hardly breathe. She’s seeking for a place where she could rest and escape the unbearable temperatures.

Would you please?

A modern day love story, at the right time but in the wrong place.

The witch and the baby

An ageing witch needs a baby for a spell to make her young again but when she brings home an infant princess things don’t go to plan…

The Little Bird and the Bees

High above, the small bird enjoys the flowers of its maple tree. A mysterious humming that needs to be fathomed sends him on a journey into a magical world of flowers. Of course, the fiery red fox is soon on the little bird’s heels. Trailed by bad luck the fox makes acquaintance with the hard-working bees. The final encounter with the beehive results into a rather unpleasant surprise for the troublemaker.


Everything has spirit, from sunrise to sunset, from the side to the universe, the living and the inanimate in all parts of the world are greeting each other.

Cat Lake City

Percy Cat is looking forward to a relaxing day in CAT LAKE CITY – the cats´ vacation paradise. But the place is not as expected. Not even the spot on the towel is as safe as he thought …

Home is beehind

Home is Beehind is a 2D animated film about a tiny bee exploring the big, big world. It’s a story about leaving home to explore the world and travel beyond the horizon far beyond anything that’s familiar. It’s a story about wanderlust and overcoming obstacles to reach your goals, and the boundless curiosity that drives one to explore and seek out new experiences and places.


A short film about sharing…