Movie Official Competition 1

Home is beehind

Director: Linde van Dijk • Country: Netherlands • Production year: 2020 • Duration: 3’ • Language (subtitles): no dialogue • Production: Linde van Dijk • Age rating: all ages • Italian Premiere

Home is Beehind is a 2D animated film about a tiny bee exploring the big, big world. It’s a story about leaving home to explore the world and travel beyond the horizon far beyond anything that’s familiar. It’s a story about wanderlust and overcoming obstacles to reach your goals, and the boundless curiosity that drives one to explore and seek out new experiences and places.

Linde van Dijk is an animator/illustrator from Tilburg, the Netherlands, with a love for handdrawn 2D animation and richly coloured, detailed worlds; films to take you away to new worlds and different perspectives that we might not see in daily life all that often. Linde has a bachelor degree in animation from AKV Sint Joost in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, and a master degree with honours from the Master Institute of Visual Cultures.