The Festival

Catch the moon, first anticipations

The first edition of the festival dedicated to children’s animation cinema will be held in Naples, from 7 to 13 December 2020 and will be hosted by ART33, the cultural hub of San Giovanni a Teduccio.

CATCH THE MOON – International Children & Youth Animated Film Festival is the first festival of this kind in Campania. The project is structured in different activities concerning the education of pupils and teachers and the promotion and spread of animation films for children and youths. It is realised by the association Gioco Immagine e parole in partnership with the association Atalante, organiser of Imaginaria, one of the most important festival in this field at the national and international level, the social enterprise Bepart, based in Milan, which works in the tourist and cultural field developing new multimedia languages in order to create a new way of making use of urban areas, l’Istituto comprensivo 48° Madre Claudia Russo – F. Solimena and l’Istituto comprensivo “47° Sarria-Monti”, as part of the announcement of selection “Cinema per la Scuola –Buone Pratiche, Rassegne e Festival” promoted by MIUR and MiBACT.

Cornerstone of the project is the International competition for animated short films dedicated to children and youth with the formation of a “Young jury” in partnership with schools of the territory. A “Jury of experts” of high level profile will attend the Competition too.

The categories to be awarded are: “Best Animated Short Film”, “Audience Award”, “Best Animated Short Film for Kids”, “Best Student Animated Short FIlm”. 

The side events enriching the festival are:

1) Animation film workshop divided in the kids section and the teachers section: 

A) Stop Motion thecnics;

B) Rotoscope thecnic.

2) Meetings with the creators of Animation films:

(the guests will be announced at the end of September 2020)

3) Performances of Shadow play and Sand Art:

The spectator, either an adult or a child, will be absorbed by an unreal dimension, where Nature’s rules melts with magic’s wonders. The shapes created by the hands’ gesture through the rhythm of moving music will meet each other, they will fuse together only to reborn in new compositions.

4) Exhibitions of illustration and animated films:

A) “La Carta dei diritti dei bambini all’Arte e alla Cultura”;

B) Beatrice Pucci e Marino Neri’s world;

5) MAUA Exhibition Museum of augmented urban art reality.