Movie Official competition 3


Director: Mona Schnerb • Country: Belgium • Production year: 2020 • Duration: 6’ • Language (subtitles): French (Italian) • Production: La Cambre • Distribution: Mona Schnerb • Age rating: 8+

Lou and Julie became friends in a summercamp. Together, they decided to go hunting the legendary Dahu but the two friends eventually split. Julie gives up the hunt in the grip of teenage daydreams,while Lou immerses herself body and soul in this quest.

Born and raised in Marseille (France), Mona started telling stories through animation cinema. After two years learning the basics of animation in the South of France she went to Belgium to integrate the production workshop of La Cambre.  She is currently studying animation at Gobelins’s school (Paris) for one semester. Through her films she narrates about childhood, transformation, chimeras and the passage to adulthood. Through all the stories she creates there is always a link to the mysterious universe of forest. She combines different graphic techniques with a pronounced taste for traditional techniques.